Our Story


We are an association of published authors who enjoy writing and reading, but our passion is helping other authors realise their dreams. Working closely with experienced proofreaders and digital marketing experts, we help authors produce high quality products. We do not charge a fee for publishing other's works, but we do ask a reasonable fee for our support services. The publication belongs to you in its entirety and you get the full benefit of all sales made. You remain fully in charge of the process and your product at all times. 

Why us

Got the T-shirt

Our associates are all published authors or experienced editors and reviewers who have been in the publications business for many years.

Got the Certificate

Our colleagues are all qualified in their respective fields and have earned certifications as writers, editors, lawyers, and marketers.

Got the Passion

We are bound by our common love of writing and our passion for serving others and helping build an ethical self-publishing industry.

No Publishing Fees

There are no publishing fees charged or any sharing of the proceeds from sales. The publication is yours in all respects.


We are committed to ethical and professional conduct because we have a personal interest in upholding our professional reputations.


Our fees are set at very reasonable levels because we do not carry the overheads that many of our bricks-and-mortor competitors have.

Featured Authors


No one writes quite like Robert Milne. If you are into captivating storytelling based on real-life encounters, Milne's work is definitely for you. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put the book down. You will be enthralled by his fascinating stories, told with unique satirical insight and entertaining outcomes.


Deep fascination with history and the psyche of the people at the time that marked historical events occurred. Why does history repeat itself and why is mankind unable to learn from the mistakes of the past? We can all learn from an understanding our past. Read Crawford's books if you dare to learn more.


He currently lives in the Netherlands, where he has a teaching degree that qualifies him to teach English to speakers of other languages. Until recently, he taught in diverse colleges throughout the region. He is an accomplished author with several titles to his name. His passion is historical memoirs and stories.